Strawberry Kissed Caipiroska

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Getamix’s Strawberry capiroska drink premix is a delicious combination of fresh strawberry pulp, high-quality lime, and classic vanilla. On top of that, there’s a dash of mint flakes. What’s not to love?

Loaded with natural fruit pulp, cocktails made with this caprioska drink mix taste like sunshine in a glass. Unlike the artificial strawberry cocktail syrup, this premix promises authentic taste and convenience. You can blend this with strawberry cocktail syrup premix with vodka, gin, tequila, and white rum to make a refreshing caprioska drink.

In order to make a classic strawberry caprioska, you can pair this adaptable premix with vodka. If you’re a lover of watermelons, this mixer also facilitates the process of making watermelon caprioska.

In addition to providing you with an authentic yet unique taste, this strawberry juice cocktail premix helps save time and effort. Twist your standard cocktails and mocktails with this strawberry flavour drink mix. Say adios to those substandard strawberry cocktail juice mixes and embrace Getamix’s strawberry kissed caprioska premix.

You can use our strawberry flavour drink mix to make caprioska, sparkling berry capriska, caprisma passion, watermelon caprioska, and more.

At Getmix, we love indulging in Caprioskas. Here’s a secret caprioska cocktail recipe for you guys to experiment with.

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