Cosmopolitan Dawn

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Getamix’s Cosmopolitan cocktail mix is a unique blend of Jamun pulp, lemon, plum, and lime. Custom-made with nature-identical ingredients and a rich aroma, this cosmopolitan cocktail mixer facilitates the process of making classic cosmo cocktails.

If you like making your own cosmopolitan cocktail like the cosmopolitan with vodka or cosmo sangria at home, this premix is all you need. It’s handcrafted, provides a unique taste, and is travel friendly. If you’re a mocktail lover, you can use this premix to craft saporous, refreshing non alcoholic drinks.

This cosmopolitan cocktail mix is as versatile as they come. Put together a classic cosmo by using this cocktail mixer with vodka. You can also pair this premix with red wine to make cosmo sangria or rose wine for exquisite cosmo fizz cocktails.

A cost-effective way to craft a cosmopolitan cocktail, this premix is what dreams are made of. So go ahead and sip the weekend away with some cosmopolitan goodness.

Your weekend house parties and get-togethers will never be the same with our superior quality cosmopolitan cocktail premix. Use our easy cosmopolitan cocktail mix to craft refreshing cosmos, cosmo fizz, cosmo smash, cosmo sangria, and cosmo 75.

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