Who We Are

Barfecto is India’s first dedicated discovery- marketplace platform for all of your drinking needs. Not only can you Rate and Review your favourite Beers and Spirits, discover new drinks and even share them with your friends but you can also shop for a curated collection of cocktail mixes, chasers, barware , munchies and much more. With just a few taps, Barfecto helps you start the party!

What We Do

We match your favourite spirit with the best mixers & cocktail kits made by India’s best brands and mixologists- so you can have signature drinks sitting in the comfort of your house.

Barfecto stands for responsible drinking and features a learning platform for customers to get apprised of what goes in their glass- along with divine recipes to get the best out of the drink of their choice!

How it Works

Step 1 - Order

Browse through our exceptional range of products. Search by spirit or by category, the Barfecto store has you covered in your quest for the best accompaniments for your drinks!

Step 2 - Mix it Up

Once you get the box, it’s time to bring out the mixologist in you. Jazz up your everyday drinks with the amazing stuff you just received or make something new using the hundreds of recipes from the recipe section we have just for you!

Step 3 - Drink Up

We would explain if we could but we’d rather leave this step to you- Cheers!

Barfecto for Business

  • Bars gain customers and insights as Barfecto offers a one-stop dedicated platform.
  • Bars can sell their in house mixes directly to customers and grow their business.
  • Barfecto offers a digital platform for bars & restaurants to showcase their best drinks and offer experiences around them to serious tipplers.
  • Retailers get access to a select network of customers to boost sales.

Our Partner Brands

Come, raise a toast with us!

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