Whiskey Smoked Affair

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If you like your whiskey based cocktail with a twist, get your hands on our Whiskey Smoked Affair premix.

With Getamix’s whiskey based cocktail mix, you can prepare cocktail whiskey based classics like whiskey sour and penicillin in no time. Crafted with authentic tones of ginger, fine lemons, and richness of honey, this whiskey cocktail classic mixer is a convenient solution for all those impromptu house parties.

You can use it with water to make an exquisite hot toddy or pair it with club soda to enjoy classic whiskey highball cocktails.

This flexible mixer comes in a travel-friendly sachet, making it ideal for road trips and office BYOB scenes. Trust us, you’d never go back to your old ways of making whiskey cocktails after experimenting with this whiskey cocktail class mixer.

This whiskey cocktail mix is nothing short of a whiskey lover’s dream! You can use Getamix’s whiskey cocktail classic mix to craft mood-altering drinks like Whiskey Sour, Hot Toddy, Penicillin, Moscow mule, and Gershwin.

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