Peach Highball

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Lavished with peach pulp, lemon, and Sri Lankan tea, this peach cocktail mixer is remarkably convenient and eccentric. You can prepare the best cocktail drinks in no time with the Getamix peach cocktail syrup mixer.

A premium quality product, this low-calorie premix pairs wonderfully with most whiskeys and dark rum. Filled with strong and subtle flavours, our peach cocktail mixer offers a unique tropical taste and creates the perfect drinking experience.

You can use this versatile peach cocktail mixer with whiskey to make peach highball and peach whiskey sours. Conversely, pairing it with gin will result in peach gimlet cocktails.

It’s also ideal for those hot summer days when you crave a refreshing glass of fresh peach iced tea. So go ahead and get yourself some peach goodness to create a personalised peach whiskey cocktail or mocktail!

There’s a peach cocktail to suit every mood and taste. You can make delightful glasses of peach whiskey sour, peach highball, peach Paloma, peach gimlet, bellini, peach daiquiri, and peach kamikaze with this peach cocktail mixer.

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