The Best Cocktail Mixes To Make Your Next Drink With

Making cocktails is a serious task, Not only do you need to get the right spirit combinations, but you also must source ingredients from all over just so you can enjoy that one drink and although the work pays off more often than not, we’ve compiled a list of the best cocktail mixes in India for the days you’re feeling lazy and still want that sexy looking, flavour bomb of a cocktail.

1) &Stirred Cocktail Mixes

&stirred’s Pina Colada mix

&stirred cocktail mixes are the perfect combination of taste and convenience. Available in packs of 6 and 8 in multiple flavours ranging from pina colada, sangria, bloody mary and more! Shop Here

2) Jimmy’s Cocktails

With their vibrant bottles and classic flavours, Jimmy’s cocktails is one of the bestselling cocktail mixes In India. Each bottle makes 2 drinks and comes in classic flavours such as whiskey sour, sex on the beach, cherry sour and more! Get it Here

3) Lazy Cocktails

With unique and quirky flavours such as the spicy margarita and elderflower rose spritzer, lazy cocktails is a must-buy. Shop Here

4) Tipsy Tiger

One of the newest cocktail mixes on the market, tipsy tiger comes in four variants – orange mojito, bloody mary, old fashioned and whiskey sour. You can buy it Here

5) Ek Aur

Ek Aur! (one more) is exactly what we say after drinking a splendid cocktail. Shop for flavours such as Mandarin orange, cucumber gimlet and more! Shop Here

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