Lazy Cocktails – PASSIONFRUIT MARTINI (250 ml each)

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Meet Lazy Cocktail & Co.’s Passionfruit and Ginger Martini. Ms. Popular amidst a world of cocktails, the all-time favourite Martini. We’re happy to introduce our very own spin of the classic cocktail where the zest of passionfruit dips into the robust flavours of ginger to serve you a tall glass of freshness and goodness.

Prepared with high-quality fruit extracts and selective ingredients, this beverage involves no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners . Just pour over ice & any white spirit. Or enjoy straight up as a mocktail.

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Lazy Cocktails & Co-Passionfruit Martini Cocktail Mixer (Non-Alcoholic):

    – At Lazy Cocktail & Co., we believe in crafting the perfect bar like quality cocktails/mocktails in the comfort of your home in just a few simple steps.

For Cocktail: Add ice and White Spirit, Pour half a bottle of Lazy Cocktail and stir.
For Mocktail: Pour, add ice, stir and garnish.

  1. WHAT’S IN YOUR DRINK – We care to create the perfect concoction for you with handpicked ingredients. Also known as Pornstar Martni, our mix contains a mix of high quality real fruit extracts with a hint of ginger.
  2. FLAVOUR AND TASTE – A classic in the world of cocktails, If you’re looking for a drink to transport you to the beach, then a passion fruit ginger martini is the one! Its tropical blend comes from the floral acidity of the passion fruit and the citrusy earthy notes of ginger
  3. FEWER CALORIES AND LESS SUGAR: Looking at ensuring quality consumption for our customers, this beverage has been made without any artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Our mixers are low on calories per serve without compromising on the taste.

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