HIPPIE PinaColada (Pack of 4)

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Hippie PinaColada Mocktail/Cocktail Mixer 275ml x 4Packs, Ready-to-Serve

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Be a super cool host with ready-to-serve Hippie Mocktails which also doubles up as a Cocktail with your choice of spirits. Now enjoy premium mocktails at your convenience without the hassle. Still looking for a reason.. 1. Made with the sweetest of Pineapples & rich desiccated coconut . 2. Has more than 40% of fruit pulp (no thickeners or emulsifiers) 3. Clean label product, which means no added preservatives or artificial ingredients. 4. No added sugar (have fun and be healthy) and most importantly, its kind to the environment too with our 100% biodegradable packaging which leaves no carbon footprint. The spank of pineapple strain tangos effortlessly with the crunch of desiccated coconut. With each tongue twirl, you’ll want to nibble. Have a happy HIPPIE day.


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