Bartisans Ginger Spiced Sour Mix – Premium Cocktail Mixer

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Handmade from fresh-pressed ginger juice, lime juice, and aromatic bitters, the Ginger Spiced Whiskey Sour Mix is one of our most popular drinks. Insanely versatile, it pairs well with other spirits too. It’s a perfect go-to when entertaining guests with different tastes or for turning whatever spirits you happen to have at home into delicious craft cocktails. Ginger fans love using this mixer to create unique twists on Moscow Mules and with dark rum as well.

Pairs best with Bourbon, Vodka, Rum or Whiskey

Combine two parts mixer (40ml) with three parts (60ml) of your favourite spirit. Shake it well with lots of ice. Pour it into a rocks glass filled with ice.
Garnish with a single star anise or cinnamon stick.

Makes 6-8 drinks.

Ingredients: Ginger Juice, Orange Peel, Gentian Root, Spices, Sugar, Lime Juice, Water

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